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Protect your people, income, and your reputation with our expert risk management consultancy service

Kingfisher Risk Solutions is pleased to provide a brand-new risk management consultancy, helping you and your business to stay safe.

Like our insurance offering, our risk management consultancy is tailored to your needs. We will find out what your business does and provide you with options that are best suited to your requirements.

No providing services you don’t require – just good, honest support to help you manage your risks and thrive.

From helping you create the right working environment to adhere to Health & Safety regulations, to bespoke support or advice in handling HSE investigations, Kingfisher Risk Solutions will be with you every step of the way.

Risk Management Consultancy with Kingfisher

Kingfisher offers a range of risk management consultancy services, from packaged cover for businesses looking for a competent person service to bespoke services.

All our services are designed to empower you to create a safe workplace, with the aim that you don’t have to think about safety – it’s just a part of how you work.

For businesses looking for assistance in managing their risks, we offer three levels of cover:

Essential – £950+VAT

Ideal for smaller businesses with 5 or more employees, this package offers the essential tools and support needed to manage your risks:

  • Acting as the competent person for your business
  • An annual ‘health check’ including reviews of:
    – Fire risk management
    – Health & safety management
    – Risk assessments
    – Accident investigations
    – Safe systems of work
    – Occupational health
  • A plan of action provided following our visit, including documents, processes, and procedures for your business to review and implement.
  • Access to a portal providing additional documents you can access ad-hoc to help you manage risks in your business.

Plus – POA

If you haven’t got the time or resource in-house to complete the actions we have highlighted in the action plan, we will work in partnership with you to provide additional support. In these circumstances, we offer everything included in our Essential package, plus:

  • An agreed amount of additional days to support you in working on any issues highlighted in your initial plan of action
  • Additional time to work with an expert risk management consultant.

Premier Risk Management

Depending on the size of your business, you may require additional support. For example, if your business operates across multiple sites, you may benefit from visits to each of them to ensure the same standards are met across all locations.

We can conduct individual fire risk assessments, or provide specialist support for individual incidents, such as HSE investigations.

You don’t have to have insurance with Kingfisher to take advantage of our risk management consultancy – you can engage our services at any time.

To ensure you have the right level of support, we will provide a free initial consultation where we can discuss your requirements in some detail before agreeing a suitable package.

Premier Risk Management

Why choose Kingfisher Risk Solutions for Risk Management Consultancy?

Qualified consultants

Let us act as the ‘competent person’ for your business

Personal service

Expert consultancy, easy to understand recommendations

Industry knowledge

Risk management designed for specific industries, including the motor trade

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is risk management consultancy?

Risk management consultancy allows you to gain independent, expert advice on the risks that face your business. The aim is to raise safety levels to either stop risks from occurring, or reduce their impact. Our consultancy service embeds safety in your methods of working. While there are legal obligations to provide a safe workplace for employees, risk management controls will help everyone to think about safety first, to minimise the risk of incidents and accidents.

Why Kingfisher Risk Solutions?

While the Kingfisher consultant you will work alongside is a qualified professional, their aim will be to keep things simple and easy to understand. If you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to understand risks, working safely will become natural to you and your colleagues – not something you do because you’re forced to do it as a legal requirement.

How does risk management consultancy help my business?

Our solutions can make it easier to avoid issues from arising, protecting your employees, members of the public, your income, and your reputation. However, should something unexpected happen, we can also be on-hand to assist after an incident or accident, too. Think of us as your guardian angels – always looking out for you, but not interfering where we’re not needed! We’re here for you for as long as you need us, to keep your business safe for years to come.

Who would benefit from bespoke risk management?

No two businesses are the same, so the risks everyone faces are subtly different. A business that has multiple sites will benefit from bespoke risk management, as we can ensure that the operations at each site are run as effectively as possible when it comes to the safety of employees and members of the public, for example. Equally, a larger business may have some effective risk management controls in place but require specific support, such as fire risk assessments. Speak to us and we will provide honest advice on whether your business will benefit from bespoke consultancy or if one of our Empower packages is right for you.

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