First Underwriting cuts motor leasing premiums for NHS staff as COVID-19 concerns hit public transport

Specialist motor, home and surety underwriter First Underwriting Limited are offering a 30% discount to NHS staff when they insure short-term lease vehicles. The move is in response to an increase in demand for short-term vehicle leasing solutions as both health concerns and reduced public transport services affect health workers’ ability to get to work.

Managing Director of First Underwriting, Mark Bacon, said: “Over the last month there has been an increase in demand for short-term vehicle leases. Much of this increased demand has come from NHS staff who are either struggling with the reduced public transport service available or are concerned about the challenge of social distancing on the services that are still running.”

“Working with our partners at Autohorn and insurance brokers McClarrons, we’ve agreed a 30% discount for all NHS staff who take a package which includes a short-term leased vehicle and motor insurance.”

The policies are available for one month or more and are available immediately through Autohorn. The package provides a simple one stop shop for NHS staff who need easy access to a mobility solution during these challenging times.

Bacon added: “We’ve all been inspired by the dedication and sacrifice of NHS workers, and we hope this gesture helps them to continue their incredible work.”

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