Funeral Services Insurance

Funeral Services Insurance

Commercial, liability, and motor insurance for Funeral Directors, Celebrants and Professional Service Providers

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Kingfisher Funeral Services Insurance

Kingfisher Risk Solutions draw upon years of specialist insurance experience to provide insurance specifically tailored to funeral services businesses.

Our product is adaptable to the changing needs of your business and protects not just against the existing risks to businesses providing funeral services, but also emerging and future risks the industry faces.

Why Kingfisher for Commercial Insurance?

For an industry with such unique needs as funeral services, you need to ensure you have adequate protection for your business. With Kingfisher, you get:

  • In-depth knowledge of the funeral services industry
  • Sector specific covers
  • An experienced team of brokers providing a friendly, professional service
  • A-rated capacity for both property and fleet insurance, provided by First Underwriting Limited
  • Get a tailored quote online at your convenience, or call us if you need assistance
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Why choose Kingfisher Funeral Insurance?

Industry Knowledge

Experts in non-standard home insurance

Exceptional Service

From a friendly, UK based team

Flexible payment plans

Payment options available

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Frequently Asked Questions

What cover does a funeral services business need?

Insurance requirements vary greatly between individual businesses, largely dictated by how your business operates. While some covers are considered essential (such as public liability and employers’ liability if you employ staff), others will be dictated by how you carry out your business and any assets you may own. Some covers will be stipulated to be compulsory by a mortgage provider – such as vehicle and building insurance – whilst other options may be considered important for your business, such as professional indemnity cover to help protect you against claims for professional negligence. If you are unsure as to what cover you should be purchasing, please contact a member of our team who can guide you through the process.

What is professional indemnity insurance for funeral services?

Professional indemnity insurance can protect you against professional negligence claims made by third parties during the course of business. Claimants commonly allege a failure to carry out your professional duty and are largely brought by the family of the deceased for emotional distress or financial loss. Claims examples may include failure to prepare the deceased correctly or loss of possessions such as jewellery.

Mistakes can arise at any time, so professional indemnity policies protect you from the financial implications arising from these errors.

What is public liability insurance for funeral services?

Public liability insurance, general liability insurance and third-party liability insurance are all different names for the same thing. Public liability insurance protects against two risks you run every working day – damage to the property of a customer or member of the public, and physical injury to a customer, visitor or passer-by.

If a third-party is injured or their property is damaged whilst at your premises or in the course of your business tasks, you could be held responsible. Trips, slips and mishaps can occur even when you’re doing your job with great care. And unfortunately, when they do, legal action is likely to follow. That’s when you need your public liability insurance to cover any damages, compensation or legal fees arising from the claim.

What is engineering inspection cover for funeral services?

Under statute, you must carry out regular inspections of work equipment which falls into three specific categories: lifting equipment, pressure equipment and ventilation equipment. Such inspections may be carried out as part of a maintenance contract or can be arranged as part of an insurance contract. Engineering inspection cover is a preventative insurance product and provides you with certification that the inspections have been completed to fulfil your legal requirements. This can be used as evidence, if required, to defend a liability claim bought in relation to the equipment.

What is cyber liability cover for funeral services?

Cyber insurance covers your business from risks related to your technology and IT infrastructure, such as loss of data, damage to IT equipment and ransomware costs. Typically cyber liability covers two types of risks – first party (protecting the businesses assets and covering costs incurred by the business) and third party (covering customer losses including any costs related to breaches in regulations). Cover commonly includes business interruption costs, system and data rectification costs, regulatory defence and penalties, and cyber extortion and ransom costs.

What happens if I need to make a claim?

In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, we ask that you contact us without delay on 0151 224 0650 or email Our specialist claims team will assist you through the claims process and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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